Fancy a digital cross stitch pattern delivered to your inbox every month? How about a lifetime discount code for the Nie McDee Etsy shop, access to behind the scenes content and other cool perks? Well have I got some good news for you… The Nie McDee Patreon is finally here!

Guava cross stitch pattern
The very first pattern was this cute guava.

What Is Patreon?

Patreon is a paid-for membership platform. You sign up to support your favourite creators and in return receive a range of “rewards”. What each creator offers is unique, but some examples include exclusive content, digital downloads and tutorials.

When you sign up to the Nie McDee patreon you’ll receive the following:

  • One new digital cross stitch pattern every month
  • Sneak peeks of upcoming designs
  • Opportunity to vote on future pattern ideas
  • Work in progress photos and behind the scenes content
  • 15% discount code for Etsy
  • Bonus digital downloads (e.g. mini patterns) from time to time

    Some of the patterns will be Patreon exclusives; you won’t be able to get them anywhere else. Others will be uploaded to Etsy but at the regular price of £3.50 (+ VAT).

    Why Patreon?

    I chose Patreon for the cross stitch pattern subscription for two reasons. 

    The first is simply because the infrastructure is already in place, tried and tested. There’s no need to build or maintain a complicated system, I can just focus on delivering the perks. It’s great for supporters too - easy to sign up, easy to use and easy to cancel if you ever need to.

    The second reason is because it has the potential to become a great community. I sort of see it as social media without the toxic aspects. It’ll be a friendly and uplifting place for us to hang out and get nerdy over cross stitch. Bring your own cuppa…

    OK, How Much Is It?

    For all the perks listed above, you’ll pay £3 (+ VAT*) a month. I wanted to offer these patterns at a slightly discounted price to my Etsy ones, to show my appreciation for the ongoing support. As an extra bonus, the Patreon-only discount code will actually make all the Etsy patterns around £3 (+ VAT) too, and you can use it as often you want!

    Interested? Sign up right here.

    *Unfortunately all digital products are subject to VAT in the EU. The amount will vary depending on your location, but expect to pay between 17% and 27% (or £0.51 to £0.81 on a £3 subscription). I don’t personally receive any of the VAT - it goes straight to the taxman via Patreon. 

    More Questions?

    If you have any questions about Patreon, please feel free to get in touch: or over on Instagram @niemcdee.

    And finally, a huge thanks to everyone who has signed up or is considering doing so in the future. I truly appreciate it. 

    Take care,