Digital Cross Stitch Patterns

I have an ever-growing collection of instantly downloadable cross stitch patterns over on Etsy.

Etsy is a very secure and easy to use platform; you don't even need an Etsy account to checkout.

Why Etsy? 

I've chosen to sell these patterns on Etsy for two reasons.

The first is infrastructure. Etsy is perfectly designed to deliver digital products, and it's a seamless experience for the buyer. You pay, and within a couple of minutes you have a link to download your goods. In 18 months of selling digital patterns on Etsy, I haven't encountered a single issue with this process.

The second reason is a little more complicated and a lot more boring because it's tax related. 

VAT is charged on all digital goods sold to residents of EU countries. The rate of VAT varies, depending on the buyer's country of residence. In the UK, for example, VAT is set at 20%.

Fortunately, Etsy is geared up for this tricky issue - charging the right amount of VAT and paying it to the relevant state on my behalf. This means I can avoid piles of paperwork and spend more time designing great products for you.

I hope to bring digital patterns to my website eventually, but for now I hope you understand why I've chosen to stick with Etsy. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch and I'll be happy to answer them.